Weekday and Saturday Mornings

During the work week and Saturday mornings, our breakfast offerings include a varied assortment of house baked pastries, muffins, tea breads, coffee cakes, tarts and pies, as well as simple egg dishes.

Our Breakfast Menu


Shirl’s Granola with Stonyfield Organic Yogurt $3.75

Egg Sandwiches
1 Egg and Cheese $3.50
2 Eggs and Cheese $4.50
Ham or Bacon $1 extra
On a Croissant $1 extra
Bread Choices:
Challah, Multigrain, Rye, or Baguette
Cheese Choices:
Cheddar, Muenster, Comte,
Monterey Chevre, or Mozzarella

1 Fried or Scrambled Egg with Toast $3.50
2 Fried or Scrambled Egg with Toast $4
Side of Bacon $2
Fried Tomatoes $1

Assortment of House Made Pastries